How Much Is A Face Cord Of Wood In Ontario?

The cost of 1 Face is $25.00. The price is $40 for 1.5 or 2 Faces. The cost of one cord is $50.00.

How much is a cord face of wood?

Consider the Cost of the Cord of Wood. One-third of a cord of wood is referred to as a face cord, and the cost ranges from $120 to $200 per face cord. Face cords typically take up a space that is four feet by eight feet by sixteen inches in dimension and have a volume of around 42.6 cubic feet.

How much is a cord of wood cost in Ontario?


16′ 12′
1/4 Full Cord: $140.00 $150.00
1/2 Full Cord: $280.00 $300.00
1 Full Cord: $440.00 $470.00
2 Full Cords: $880.00 $940.00

How many pieces of firewood are in a face cord?

You can probably understand that the amount of parts that comprise a cord will differ depending on the thickness of the tree when it was cut down, the method used to divide it, and even the degree to which it was piled.Keeping this in mind, a face chord can include anywhere from 200 to 266 individual pieces of wood, while a full cord can contain anywhere from 600 to 800 individual pieces of wood.

How big is a face cord of wood in Canada?

For illustration purposes, a face cord is often made of wood and is 16 inches (or 41 cm) in length. Despite its length of 8 feet (244 cm) and height of 4 feet (122 cm), the volume of a face cord is normally just one-third of the volume of a full cord.

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Will a face cord of wood fit in a pickup?

Customers need to be on the lookout for fraudulent sellers since a pick-up truck cannot accommodate a cord of firewood. A truck bed that is 6 feet long can only accommodate one-third of a chord, but a bed that is 8 feet long can handle one-half of a cable.

How big is a cord of wood in Ontario?

According to one definition, a cord consists of ″128 cubic feet of stacked roundwood (whole or split, with or without bark, comprising wood and air space, with all bolts of comparable length packed in a consistent way with the longitudinal axes generally parallel.″ A wise investment would be in a wood shed.

How many face cords are in a bush cord?

What is the ratio of face cords to full cords in a whole cord of wood? Generally speaking, a whole cord of wood is comprised of three face cords. It is possible for a face cord of wood to have a depth of 16 inches, whereas a complete cord of wood can have a depth of 4 feet, and three rows can fit within a face cord of wood with a depth of 16 inches.

How long does a face cord of wood last?

If you plan to light one to two fires every week, you can often get the entire season out of a single cord. If your usage is more than that, you should see a reliable firewood vendor in order to estimate how much firewood you should order.

How big is a face cord of wood?

A cord of wood is a pile of wood that has been neatly placed and is 4 feet by 8 feet, with each individual piece of wood measuring 4 feet in length.The same fundamental specifications apply to a face cord, with the exception that the depth of the pile equals the length of the firewood logs rather than 4 feet.For example, if each log is 20 inches long, the face cord’s dimensions are 4 feet by 8 feet by 20 inches.

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How many cords of wood do I need for winter?

She explains that the general rule of thumb is that a house that is 1,000 square feet will require three cords of wood over the course of a season. If your wood burning stove has an extremely high efficiency rating, or if you reside in an area with a temperature that is more temperate, you may use less wood. The quantity of firewood is expressed in cords.

How many trees are in a cord of wood?

If the diameter of your tree is 12 inches, for instance, it will produce 0.3 cords, which is equivalent to approximately one-third of a cord of wood. The amount of wood that may be harvested from a tree with a diameter of 22 inches is equal to one cord.

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