How Much Is Costco Gas In Ontario?

The Most Affordable Gas Prices in All of Toronto

Price Station Time
186.9 Costco 130 Ritson Rd N Oshawa May 20,10:27 PM May 20, 10:27 PM
187.5 Ultramar 951 Dundas St W Whitby May 20,11:36 PM May 20, 11:36 PM
187.6 Pioneer 6375 Major Mackenzie Dr E Markham May 21,3:25 AM May 21, 3:25 AM
187.6 Esso 9332 Keele St Vaughan May 21,12:25 AM May 21, 12:25 AM

How much is the gas in Ontario?

Provincial Current Averages

Alberta 170.1/L
Ontario 196.8/L
Prince Edward Island 208.0/L
Quebec 205.1/L
Saskatchewan 185.9/L

How much is gas at Costco Windsor Ontario?

Windsor Gas Prices

Price Station Time
159.9 Costco 4411 Walker Rd Windsor Apr 12,2:25 PM Apr 12, 2:25 PM
163.6 Petro-Canada 2535 Ouellette Ave Windsor Apr 12,4:27 PM Apr 12, 4:27 PM
163.6 Petro-Canada 50 Tecumseh Rd W Windsor Apr 12,4:27 PM Apr 12, 4:27 PM
163.6 Pioneer 9985 Tecumseh Rd E Windsor Apr 12,3:11 PM Apr 12, 3:11 PM

How much is gas at Costco in Ottawa?

in Ottawa

Price Station City
191.9 Costco 1405 Blair Towers Pl Ottawa May 24,9:00 PM Ottawa
195.9 Pioneer 1795 Bantree St Ottawa May 24,12:17 AM Ottawa
196.3 Pioneer 590 Montreal Rd Ottawa May 24,11:00 PM Ottawa
196.3 Pioneer 631 Industrial Ave Ottawa May 24,4:39 PM Ottawa

Is Costco gas cheaper Canada?

When it comes to refueling their vehicles, several motorists in the Metro Vancouver area strictly adhere to one rule: they will only fill up their tanks at Costco. This is due to the fact that gas prices at Costco stations in the area are often much lower than those offered by their rivals.

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Where is the cheapest gas in Canada?

The cost of a gallon of petrol is far less in Edmonton and Calgary than it is in any other large Canadian city.

What is the price of gasoline in Toronto today?


Price Station Address
189.3 Petro-Canada 7092 Yonge St Vaughan May 20,6:51 PM 7092 Yonge St
189.3 Husky 7377 Yonge St Vaughan May 20,5:34 PM 7377 Yonge St
189.9 Shell 1350 Taunton Rd E Oshawa May 20,6:51 PM 1350 Taunton Rd E
189.9 Costco 150 Kingston Rd E Ajax May 20,6:21 PM 150 Kingston Rd E

How much is gas at Costco Guelph today?

in the Guelph area

Price Station City
191.9 Costco 19 Elmira Rd S Guelph May 26,9:35 AM Guelph
193.9 Global 390 York Rd Guelph May 26,7:54 AM Guelph
195.6 UPI Energy 7060 Wellington Rd 124 Guelph May 26,9:02 AM Guelph
195.6 Pioneer 5471 Hwy 6 Guelph May 26,7:13 AM Guelph

How much is gas at Costco in Ajax?

Local Gas Prices

Price Station Address
201.9 Costco 150 Kingston Rd E Ajax May 17,9:38 PM 150 Kingston Rd E
202.2 Shell 2 Westney Rd S Ajax May 17,11:42 PM 2 Westney Rd S
202.2 Petro-Canada 1 Westney Rd N Ajax May 17,11:42 PM 1 Westney Rd N
202.2 Esso 8 Kingston Rd E Ajax May 17,9:39 PM 8 Kingston Rd E

Who supplies Costco gas in Canada?

Husky is the provider of the premium gas sold at Costco. When you look closely at the red pump nozzle, you’ll notice a little Husky emblem there. The product has a high quality. Over the past five years, I’ve used it on both my 135i and, more recently, my m235i.

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Why is gas so expensive in Ontario?

The interruptions in the supply chain that occurred as a direct result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have contributed to the rise in prices, which are also being driven up by increased demand as a result of the economy being opened back up. Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, stated that ″Summer demand is right around the bend″ in a recent interview.

How much is gas at Costco Langley?

Price Station City
214.9 Costco 20499 64 Ave Langley May 26,1:02 PM Langley
214.9 Super Save 4061 200 St Langley May 26,12:44 PM Langley
214.9 Super Save 20966 56 Ave Langley May 26,12:01 PM Langley
216.9 Esso 19712 Fraser Hwy Langley May 26,1:02 PM Langley

Why you shouldn’t buy gas at Costco?

It’s common knowledge that the gas station at Costco has notoriously lengthy waits.People have reported waiting for more than an hour for the opportunity to fill their vehicles, which is an investment of time that hardly justifies the few dollars that would be saved by skipping a standard gas station, where there is often no wait at all.People have also reported paying a premium price for the privilege of filling their vehicles.

Is it worth going to Costco for gas?

According to GasBuddy, the price of a gallon of gas at Costco is one of the lowest available at $5.09 a gallon.When compared to 7-11, the price of gas at Costco is lower by 30 cents per gallon, which equates to a savings of $4.20 for every 14-gallon tank.If you bought your gas from Costco, you could save an annual average of $218.40, which would more than cover the cost of your membership.

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Why is Costco fuel so cheap?

″Sites exhaust their supplies at varying rates, and as a result, the speedier ones will get resupplied at newer wholesale prices. As a result, greater fuel volume sellers and sites with bigger non-fuel earnings will have the opportunity to offer lower pricing for gasoline.″

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