What Are The Hours For Service Ontario?

Please call us between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

How do I speak to someone at ServiceOntario?

Office of the Customer Experience for ServiceOntario ( CEO )

  1. Free-of-charge, dial 1-800-267-8097
  2. Tel: 416-326-1234
  3. Toll-free number for TTY users: 1-800-268-7095
  4. TTY: 416-325-3408
  5. [email protected]

What can you get done at ServiceOntario?

  1. You may receive your driver’s license, plate stickers, health cards, birth certificates, and register a birth at ServiceOntario, among other things. ServiceOntario also provides birth certificates. The following are some of our most popular online services that you may renew: your licence plate
  2. Your driver’s licence
  3. A permission to park in a handicapped space
  4. A Photo Identification Card of Ontario
  5. Your medical insurance card

What do you need for ServiceOntario?

  1. The only kinds of identification that are legally permitted are the following: an Ontario driver’s license
  2. Document de voyage au Canada
  3. Certificate of Citizenship of Canada
  4. Card issued by the Canadian Armed Forces
  5. Bring Your Identification card (BYID) issued by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario
  6. Card de Statut d’Indien Sécuritaire (Canadien)
  7. Permanent Resident Card (Canadian)

Do I still have to renew my sticker Ontario?

In spite of the fact that these costs have been eliminated, Ontarians must still regularly renew their license plates in order to continue driving lawfully. Before a vehicle may be driven inside the boundaries of the province of Ontario, the provincial government mandates that it be insured and adorned with a current license plate.

Can I renew just my Ontario health card online?

At the website ServiceOntario.ca/RenewCards, Ontarians from all around the province may now renew their picture health card online.People in Ontario who want to renew their health cards online require the following items: A current driver’s license, which may be used to check the person’s identification and add an extra layer of protection.to have resided at the same location for at least three months previous to the time of renewal.

Can you email ServiceOntario?

By email. You have the option of sending a message that is kept strictly secret to [email protected] (We ask that you not provide any personal information or financial data of any kind, including but not limited to your social security number or credit card details.)

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How do I contact Service Canada?

In order to receive assistance and have your account unlocked, you may call our Registration and Authentication call center at the following number: 1-866-279-5238. Our customer service department is currently dealing with a high volume of calls, which may result in wait times that are significantly longer than usual.

Can I get a new health card at ServiceOntario?

Changing either your name or your residence requires you to visit a ServiceOntario center in order to update an active picture health card that has not yet expired.You can replace an active picture health card that has not expired but has been lost, stolen, or damaged by phoning ServiceOntario at the toll-free number 1-800-664-8988.This is provided that your name and address have not changed.

Are license plate stickers extended in Ontario?

Ont. As of the 13th of March, the provincial government of Ontario eliminated the costs for renewing license plates and the stickers that went along with them for passenger cars, light duty trucks, motorcycles, and mopeds. Many drivers in Ontario will enjoy annual savings of around 120 dollars as a result of the policy.

How do I renew my sticker in Ontario?

You have up to one hundred and eighty days before the sticker on your Ontario license plate will expire to renew it online.However, if it has already expired, you will not be able to renew it online.If you choose to renew your subscription online, your new card will be sent to you within five business days.

  • After you have it in your possession, you should affix it to the top right-hand corner of your license plate.
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How much do you get paid to work at ServiceOntario?

Candidates with no prior experience might be considered for employment at the Customer Service Representative 2 Training (CSR 2T) level. The hourly wage for the position of Customer Service Representative 2 in Training is $23.41.

Do you need smart serve to work at LCBO?

In the Canadian province of Ontario, workers who handle alcoholic beverages are required to complete Smart Serve training, and workers at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) and Beer Store are given instruction on how to verify a customer’s age and ensure they are of the legal drinking age in the province.

How do I check my Ontario ID?

Take your time and carefully go through the identification. Verify the information on the photo, the birth date, and the expiration date (is this the same person who is currently in front of you?). Never take a picture ID that doesn’t have a photo on it. Keep the customer’s ID in your hands at all times rather than letting them flash it in your direction.

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