What City In California Won The Powerball?

According to the California Lottery, the winning ticket was purchased from a 7-Eleven store in Sacramento. The business is located in Sacramento.

Where in California was the winning Powerball sold?

  • WATERFORD, California — The U.S.
  • After purchasing a Powerball ticket in the city of Waterford, one lucky person has increased their wealth by about $300,000.
  • According to the information provided by the California Lottery, a winning ticket was acquired at the Pioneer Market, which is located on Yosemite Boulevard.
  • On Saturday, the winning lottery numbers were 8-10-21-41-62-7.

The drawing took place.

Who won California Powerball?

The winner of the California Lottery $316.3 million jackpot Powerball has been announced after recently claimed his award. On Jan. 5, at a 7-Eleven on the corner of Wyndham Drive and Valley Hi Drive in Sacramento, Orlando Zavala Lozano bought merely $2 for a lottery ticket.

Where in California did they win the lottery?

According to the California Lottery, the winning ticket was purchased at a Chevron petrol station in Woodland Hills, which is located in the state of California. According to the results of Friday’s drawing, one player managed to match all six numbers on their ticket, including the white balls 3, 16, 25, 44, and 55 as well as the gold Mega Ball 13.

Did anyone win the Powerball last night in California?

The jackpot was not won by anyone in the state of California for this draw.

What state won Powerball last night?

After the drawing for the Powerball jackpot was held on April 27th, the winning ticket was not claimed until Friday by a married couple from Gilbert, Arizona.

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Who won recent Powerball jackpot?

Mavis Wanczyk, of Chicopee, Massachusetts, is the sole winner of a $758.7 million Powerball jackpot. The numbers on her lucky ticket matched the first five winning numbers plus the Powerball (06-07-16-23-26, PB 04) selected in Wednesday night’s drawing. The winning numbers were: 06-07-16-23-26, PB 04. BRAINTREE, Massachusetts.

Where was the Powerball ticket bought?

2021 Powerball Division One Winners This prize was split between two players from New South Wales in the month of April. In August, a housekeeper from North Melbourne was the only winner of the $80 million jackpot.

Who won the Mega in California?

On Wednesday, officials from the California Lottery revealed that Kristine Wellenstein has come forward as the lone winner of the $426 million jackpot and has chosen to take the lump sum payout as a consequence of her win. Wellenstein has elected to receive the payout immediately.

How long does it take to receive Lottery winnings in California?

To get your reward, all you have to do is go through the straightforward claim procedure that corresponds to the kind of prize that you have won. Approximately seven to nine weeks will pass between the time that the Lottery Headquarters in Sacramento processes your claim and the time that a check is mailed to you.

Who won Powerball in Sacramento CA?

A Powerball ticket that was purchased in Sacramento by a man named Orlando Zavala Lozano resulted in his winning a reward of $316 million.

Did anyone win Powerball?

There was one division one winning entry from New South Wales and one from Victoria that shared the $80 million Powerball prize. The lucky winners were from both states.

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What lottery is tonight California?

Draw Games

Games Draw Days & Entry Close Times
POWERBALL® Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 7:00 p.m.
MEGA MILLIONS® Tuesday & Friday at 7:45 p.m.
SUPERLOTTO PLUS® Wednesday & Saturday at 7:45 p.m.
FANTASY 5 Every day at 6:30 p.m.

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