Where Are The Wildfires In Ontario?

This blaze may be seen three kilometers to the east of Estaire and one kilometer to the south of the road that leads to Nepewassi Lake. The identification of Sudbury 7 was accomplished on the afternoon of May 10th. At a size of 221 hectares, it is under control. This blaze may be seen 600 meters to the north of the Ashigami road and 0.3 kilometers to the west of the Ashigami Lake Road East.

Where are the fires in north Ontario?

  • The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has said that a fire that started on Friday and was eight hectares in size has been brought under control around five kilometers southeast of Calabogie Lake in the Pembroke region.
  • Call 705-310-FIRE to report any forest fires that are located north of the French and Mattawa rivers, and dial 911 to report any forest fires that are located south of those rivers.

Where are Canadian fires located?

In every part of Canada that is wooded or grassland, there is always a risk of wildfires breaking out. The province of British Columbia, as well as the Boreal forest zones of the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, as well as the Prairie provinces, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, have the greatest incidence rates of wildfires.

How many forest fires burning in Ontario?

  • In the province’s northwest, where there are reportedly ‘drought-like conditions,’ about a thousand separate wildfires have been reported.
  • In 2021, wildfires in Ontario burnt more land in the province than in any other year in history, breaking the record that had been established 26 years earlier.
  • These fires were responsible for the forced evacuation of a number of isolated First Nations communities in the northern part of the province.
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Are there forest fires in Canada right now?

At this time, there have been no high-priority fires identified. The degree of preparation at the national level in Canada is one, which indicates that the majority of the country is experiencing meteorological conditions that make it unlikely that considerable fire activity would occur.

How many forest fires are in Canada?

According to the information included in the National Forestry Database, more than 8,000 fires break out every year, and they consume an average of more than 2.1 million hectares of land. In addition, lightning is responsible for around half of all fires, while it is responsible for approximately 85 percent of the yearly area burnt.

How big are the wildfires in Canada?

According to statistics provided by the Canadian government, more than 13,000 square miles of Canadian wilderness have been consumed by fire this year, which is more than twice the 20-year average for this point in the calendar and more than twice the area that has been consumed by fire in the United States.

How many forest fires are there in 2021?

Report on Wildfires for the Year 2021 Annually

January – December Totals Rank (out of 22 years)
Number of Fires 58,733 5th Least
Acres Burned per Fire 121.6 8th Most
15th Least

What is in Northwestern Ontario?

  • The municipalities of Kenora, Rainy River, and Thunder Bay may be found in the region known as Northwestern Ontario.
  • Communities such as Thunder Bay, Kenora, Dryden, Fort Frances, Sioux Lookout, Greenstone, Red Lake, Marathon, and Atikokan are considered to be among the most important in the region.
  • In addition, there are a few dozens of First Nations communities located in Northwestern Ontario.
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How many forest fires are there in 2020?

In the year 2020, there will be 58,950 fires that will affect 10,122,336 acres. This year there have been 50,477 fires that have affected 4,664,364 acres.

When was the last wildfire in Canada?


Article Location Year
2016 Fort McMurray wildfire Northern Alberta (incl. Fort McMurray) and Saskatchewan 2016
2017 British Columbia wildfires Central and South Interior, and Alberta 2017
2017 Alberta fires Alberta, Saskatchewan 2017
North Bay 69 Temagami 2018

Where are Canadian forests?

  • Approximately 80% of Canada’s forested land is located in the immense boreal forest region, which stretches in an arc south from the Mackenzie River Delta and the Alaskan border to northeast British Columbia, across northern Alberta and Saskatchewan, through Manitoba, Ontario, and Québec, and finally terminates in northern Newfoundland on the east coast.
  • The boreal forest region is home to a variety of wildlife, including caribou, moose, and wolves.

How much of Canada is forest?

The forest cover in Canada is being maintained at its current level of 348 million hectares, which is equivalent to 34% of the country’s total land mass. A greater percentage of land in Europe is now covered by trees as a result of reforestation (when trees are planted on land not previously forested).

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