Where Is Temecula Road From?

When Dawson Anderson, a member of the up-and-coming country band Temecula Road, was still a child, he had no idea that he would one day make a living as a musician. At the age of nine, he relocated to Temecula, California, and started taking singing training. It was via their vocal instructor that he was introduced to Maddie and Emma Salute.

Where is the group Temecula Road from?

Temecula Road, a country band with roots in California but currently residing in Tennessee, has been welcomed into the Warner Music Nashville family thanks to a collaboration between that record company and Buena Vista Records, which is part of the Disney Music Group.

Where did Temecula Road get their name?

Temecula Road are quickly becoming some of the most recognizable names in country music, and they got their start in the city in California that now bears their name. When Emma and Maddie Salute were just thirteen years old and taking vocal lessons, they were introduced to their longtime friend Dawson Anderson, who had known them since they were very little.

Is Temecula Road from Temecula CA?

We are all originally from Temecula in the state of California. Because we first connected there and got this wacky adventure rolling from there, that location is significant to our background. 2) How did you decide to form a group in the first place? What is the backstory behind your decision to work in the music industry?

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