Who Is The Mc In Peach Boy Riverside?

In the Peach Boy Riverside series, Mikoto Kibitsu (, Kibitsu Mikoto) is the primary protagonist and namesake of the series.

What is Sally’s power in Peach Boy Riverside?

Power & Abilities Because of the peach eye, she is able to significantly improve her physical strength and is somewhat protected from the oni’s attacks. When there is an Oni in the area, her right eye will transform into a peach-like shape, and her psyche will transform into that of a psychopath whose one goal is to murder Oni.

Is Sumeragi a villain Peach Boy Riverside?

Personality. His outward demeanor is that of a phony kind person, but his motivations are never made clear. Sumeragi appears to be a demon posing as an Oni and is responsible for the deaths of Onis for reasons that are unclear.

What is the peach boy power?

An event in her life reawakens the dormant power of the peach inside her, which gives her the ability to battle evil spirits. Mikoto, played by Nao Tyama, is a little kid who possesses the power of a peach and is renowned as the ″devil hunter.″ He harbors a deep-seated hatred for demons and travels the world with his dog in an effort to free it from their influence.

Is Sumeragi an ogre?

Sally is put in a position where she must choose between the high ogre Sumeragi’s goal of peaceful coexistence between humans and ogres and Mikoto’s objective of eradicating all ogres. Everyone is in danger, and the massacre has already begun!

Will Peach Boy Riverside have a Season 2?

As this article is being written, the animation company Asahi Productions has not yet announced whether or not they will produce a second season of Peach Boy Riverside. Despite the fact that there has been no confirmation of a second season of the anime, it is important for fans to maintain their optimism that it will return at some time in the future.

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Is Peach Boy Riverside on Netflix?

Peach Boy: Riverside is available to watch on Netflix.

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