How Do I Change My Name After Marriage In Ontario?

By filing an application to Service Ontario in the Canadian province of Ontario, a person can legally alter their name.If you are changing your name as a result of getting married, you are required to bring in documentation showing that you are now married.If you were born in Ontario and you want to change your name, once your request is granted, you will receive a new birth certificate that includes your new name.

Is there a time limit to change your name after marriage in Ontario?

You have no choice but to immediately alter all of your records over to reflect your new married name. If you apply to Service Ontario to change your name legally after being married during the first 90 days of your marriage, the service is free of charge. After the first 90 days, however, the fee is $25.

How do I change my name after I get married in Canada?

How to apply

  1. Read the Information Guide, which is available in PDF form.
  2. Fill out the Application for Change of Name form in its entirety.
  3. Collect the evidence that supports the claim.
  4. Get fingerprints.
  5. Offer a check of your criminal history or a check of your information with the police
  6. Find any birth certificates that are still in existence
  7. Fill out and turn in the application form

How do you change your name after you get married?

How to Change Your Name in 10 Steps

  1. Obtain Copies of Your Certified Copies of Your Marriage License
  2. Keep your Social Security card up to date.
  3. Have a New Driver’s License Issued to You
  4. Obtain a Brand-New Passport in Addition to Other Travel Documents
  5. Make the Appropriate Changes to Your Bank Accounts
  6. Alter the Name That Is Printed on Your Credit Cards
  7. Your employer will need to be informed of your new name as well as your banking information.
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What do I need to update after getting married Ontario?

Bring two forms of identification provided by the government for each individual who will be getting married. Instructions for obtaining a license to wed

  1. Certificate of birth issued by the government, including any certifications evidencing a change of name
  2. Valid passport
  3. Documentation of the arrival of immigrants
  4. Certificate of Citizenship of Canada
  5. Valid driver’s licence
  6. Card de photo de l’Ontario valide

Can I use my passport with my maiden name Canada?

At any point in time, regardless of whether or not you are married, you are free to go by either your married name or your previous name legally. Even if you have changed your name somewhere else, you will be able to continue using your previous passport to travel internationally.

Is there a time limit to change your name after marriage?

How long do you have after getting married before you have to change your name?After getting married, you are not under any kind of time constraint when it comes to changing your name.Name changes can occur anytime the individual feels comfortable doing so.

  1. However, the request to be notified must be made by some places of employment within about sixty days of the name change taking effect.

How do I change my name with CRA?

The CRA does not acknowledge requests to modify a taxpayer’s name that are submitted through email or online, not even through the My Account portal. In order to inform the CRA of your name change, you must contact the following number: 1-800-959-8281, even if you are merely changing your initial name or your last name.

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Do I have to change my name on my bank account after marriage?

After getting married, it is not compulsory by law for you to alter your name on any financial accounts you have. However, if you opt to maintain your maiden name on your bank account while using your married name elsewhere, you will most certainly run into some practical issues.

Who do I need to notify when I change my name?

The law enforcement agency: If you have a criminal history, the law enforcement agency will need to be informed of your new name. Any change in information needs to be communicated to relevant parties, including insurance providers, utility companies, local councils, and the electoral roll.

Can I use my passport with my maiden name?

If you still go by your maiden name, can you use a passport? You are free to continue using your passport under the prior name as long as you choose. Officials encourage changing the name on your travel documents to match your legal name, even if doing so is not required. However, there is no penalty for failing to do so.

Do I need to change my passport after marriage?

Either before or after the change of name ceremony, you have the option to apply for a new passport in your new name. When you plan your trip, the name on your passport and the one you use to make the reservation must be same.

How long does a name change take in Ontario?

Within the next six to eight weeks, we will issue you a certificate of name change as well as your new birth certificate provided your application is complete, accurate, and you were born in the province of Ontario. If you have asked for a change to a single name or a recovered name, the process might take a little bit longer.

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How do I know if my marriage is registered in Ontario?

ServiceOntario is the only organization authorized by the provincial government to provide marriage certificates in Ontario.It is also less expensive and considerably quicker.A certificate of marriage is a piece of paper that contains information on a marriage that took place in the province of Ontario.

  1. If the marriage was registered in Ontario, you will be able to acquire a copy, or many copies, of the document on the internet.

Do I need a marriage certificate Ontario?

Following the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, it is possible that you may want a marriage certificate. In addition to serving as evidence that a marriage has happened, the certificate provides specifics of the ceremony that took place in Ontario. There are a variety of scenarios in which you could want a copy of your marriage certificate, one of which is changing your name.

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