How To Contact The Labour Board Of Ontario?

A Center for Information Regarding Employment Standards

  1. [email protected]
  2. 416-326-7160
  3. 1-800-531-5551
  4. 1-866-567-8893

How do I complain to the Ministry of Labour in Ontario?

Free phone call within Ontario: 1 800 531 5551. TTY (for the deaf and hard of hearing): 1 (866) 567-8893.

How do I file a complaint with the Labor Board of Canada?

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment to speak with a Labour Program Officer, please call the following number: 1-800-641-4049. Please call the toll-free number 1-800-641-4049 or send an email to [email protected] if you want assistance in submitting a complaint or would like information regarding employment standards.

What are the 3 rights you have as a worker?

  • Security in the workplace You have three fundamental rights, including the right to know that you’re protected against retaliation and the freedom to decline harmful job.
  • the right to be informed about potential dangers in the workplace and to have access to fundamental health and safety data.
  • the privilege of taking part in health and safety committees and debates as well as the health and safety discussion group.

What does the Ontario Labour board do?

From its beginnings as Canada’s first ″Labour Court″ to its most recent iteration, the Ontario Labour Relations Board has administered a wide range of employment and labor relations-related statutes with the intention of fostering environments in Ontario’s workplaces that are safe, equitable, and harmonious. This has been the case since the board’s inception.

How do I complain about labor?


  1. Choose a service that will allow you to lodge a complaint against domestic work
  2. Indicate the kind of application, as well as the number of the work permit associated with the worker’s complaint. Alternately, you can indicate the kind of application, the number of the work visa, and the establishment number for a complaint from an employer
  3. Please provide the specifics of the complaint here.
  4. You can include attachments if you like (this step is optional)
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What can you do if your employer doesn’t pay you?

You have the option of filing a complaint with the Labor Commissioner in the event that your employer fails to pay your wage. They will assist you in reaching a settlement on this subject, and in the event that one is not achieved, the labor commissioner will send this matter over to the court in order to allow for legal action to be taken against your company.

What is an unfair labour practice in Ontario?

What is an unfair labour practice complaint? A complaint of unfair labor practice is an accusation that an employer, a trade union, or an individual has participated in conduct that is forbidden under the Canada Labour Code (Part I–Industrial Relations). This allegation can be made against an individual, the trade union, or the employer.

What constitutes an unfair labour practice?

An unfair labor practice is any act or omission that takes place unfairly between an employer and an employee. This includes: The unfair conduct of the employer in relation to the promotion, demotion, or training of an employee; or the unfair conduct of the employer in relation to the provision of benefits to an employee.

How do I contact Labour office?

For any labor-related concerns, including contracts, working conditions, labor cards, and work permits, call the toll-free Ministry of Labour hotline number in the UAE, which is either 800-665 (the old number) or 800-60 (the new number).

What are your basic employee rights in Ontario?

Leave for reasons of personal emergency (including sick days) Family medical leave, family caregiver leave, critically sick child care leave, and leave connected to the death or disappearance of a child as a result of criminal activity are the types of leaves that are available. Compensation for severance. The payment of severance.

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Can an employee refuse to work?

  • The breach of contract that resulted from the employee’s refusal to work constituted misconduct.
  • According to what was said there, ″it is not the law that an employee who is the victim of a wrong can under any circumstances simply refuse to conduct any more work until and until that wrong is repaired.″ It is possible that he will be forced to seek the solution he seeks through the legal system.

Can I sue my employer for lack of duty of care?

An employee has the legal right to file a lawsuit against their employer if they believe their employer has breached their duty of care to protect their physical and mental health, safety, and welfare.

What is the 3 hour rule in Ontario?

  • The ″three-hour rule″ refers to the practice of sending employees home after they have worked for less than three hours.
  • When an employee who typically puts in more than three hours of work per day is obligated to report to work but only puts in less than three hours of labor, that person is entitled to be paid the sum that is the highest among the following options: three hours at their normal rate of pay, or they can choose to work.

What are your rights as an employee?

  • Workers’ rights comprise a wide range of human rights, including the ability to associate with others, the right to decent employment, equal opportunity, and protection against discrimination, and the right to be protected from unfair treatment.
  • The right to health and safety in the workplace as well as the right to privacy while at work are only two of the numerous specific rights that are associated with the workplace.
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Can you sue your employer in Ontario?

In general, employees have the ability, under employment law, to demand monetary compensation from their employer or to sue their company for one of three types of remedies: (1) wrongful dismissal damages, (2) extraordinary damages, or (3) human rights damages.

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