What County Is Belleville Ontario In?

The city of Belleville is the county seat of Hastings County and was founded in 1792. It is located in the southeast corner of Ontario, Canada, on the Bay of Quinte, which is an arm of Lake Ontario, and near the mouth of the Moira River.

Which region is Belleville in?

It is the center of the Bay of Quinte Region as well as the county seat of Hastings County, yet it maintains its own political identity outside from the county. Belleville, Ontario.

Belleville Thurlow
Federal riding Bay of Quinte
Prov. riding Bay of Quinte
Land 247.21 km2 (95.45 sq mi)

Is Belleville considered Quinte West?

At the level of the census metropolitan area (CMA), the Belleville – Quinte West CMA had a population of 111,184 living in 46,213 of its total 48,274 private residences in 2021. This represented an increase of 7.5% from its population of 103,401 in 2016, which was recorded by the census.

What is considered Hastings County?

The county of Hastings is made up of the townships of Sidney, Thurlow, Huntingdon, Hungerford, and Rawdon, as well as a portion of territory held by the Mohawk people.

Is Belleville a good place to live?

In the yearly ranking of ″best places to live in Canada″ that is compiled by MacLean’s magazine, Belleville has made it into the top five.According to what Mayor Mitch Panciuk said on the Lorne Brooker Show on CJBQ, the Friendly City earned a high score for its accessibility to the internet, health care, and other facilities.As a result, the Friendly City ended at number four on the list of 415.

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Is Belleville in Toronto?

The location of the city of Belleville is on the north side of the Bay of Quinte in Ontario.Belleville is genuinely at the middle of it all due to its location, which places it in close proximity to both Toronto and Montreal and also places it less than an hour away from the border with the United States.There are over 49,000 individuals who call Belleville their home, while there are over 200,000 people who reside within a half-hour drive of the city.

What county is Trent Hills in?

At Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada, the municipality of Trent Hills may be found in the top-left corner of the county’s northeast quadrant.

What county is Trenton on in?

It had a population of 16,770 in the year 2001 and is located in the Quinte West municipality in Ontario, Canada. Trenton is a significant unincorporated hamlet in Central Ontario. Trenton, Ontario.

Province Ontario
County Hastings
City Quinte West
Settled 1784

What towns make up Quinte West?

As the result of the merging of the municipalities of Trenton, Sidney, Murray, and Frankford, the new municipality of Quinte West provides both its inhabitants and tourists with a distinctive and exciting blend of rural and urban ways of life.

What county is Renfrew Ontario in?

The region known as Renfrew County may be found inside the province of Ontario in Canada. It is located on the other side of the Ottawa River from the city of Ottawa. The county is made up of 17 different municipalities.

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Renfrew County
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Established 1861
County seat Pembroke (independent)

What county is Stirling Ontario?

Hastings County, which is part of the province of Ontario in Canada, is home to the township known as Stirling-Rawdon.

Clerk (CAO) Roxanne Hearns
Land 282.33 km2 (109.01 sq mi)
Population (2016)

What towns are in North Hastings Ontario?

  1. Bancroft is located in the Hastings County North neighborhoods and districts. Those who enjoy ″rockhounding″ will be delighted to discover that the mineral capital of Canada is a hidden gem.
  2. The Township of Carlow and Mayo
  3. The Township of Faraday
  4. Highlands of Hastings
  5. The Township of Limerick
  6. The Township of Tudor and Cashel
  7. The Township of Wollaston

Why are people moving to Belleville?

Because of its singular blend of the allure of a little town and the conveniences of a large metropolis, Belleville is the ideal location in which to cultivate a life that is both fulfilling and well-rounded. The city of Belleville, which is located on the gorgeous Bay of Quinte, serves as a hub for a regional population that is greater than 200,000.

Where should I live in Belleville?

  1. South Front’s Three Best Neighborhoods for First-Time Homebuyers in Belleville This neighborhood, which can be found to the south of Dundas Street East and immediately west of the Moira River, is located in close proximity to the water and is anticipated to be one of the most desirable in Belleville over the course of the next several years.
  2. Downtown.
  3. West Park Village

Is Belleville Canada safe?

Crime rates in Belleville, Canada

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Level of crime 69.60 High
Problem people using or dealing drugs 80.56 Very High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 67.34 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 52.47 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery 49.31 Moderate

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