What Is The Population Of Ontario Canada 2020?

On January 1, 2022, the population of Ontario reached 14,951,825, following an increase of 36,555 persons in the province over the final three months of 2021. This is in contrast to the previous year’s first quarter, which had a growth of 18,727 persons. Emigrants plus the change in the net number of temporary emigrants, minus the number of Canadians who are returning home.

What is the population of Ontario Canada 2021?

Growth of the population On April 1, 2021, the population of Ontario reached 14,789,778. This is an increase of 34,567 persons over the course of the first three months of 2021. This is in contrast to an increase of 34,422 during the same quarter in the year prior.

What is the population of each province in Canada 2020?

Projections of the Canadian population, broken down by province, for the years 2020 and 2043 (in 1,000s)

Characteristic 2020 2043
Ontario 14,677.9 18,265.2
Quebec 8,494.5 9,472.4
British Columbia 5,103.5 6,224.4
Alberta 4,472.8 6,619.2

Which city has the highest population in Ontario 2021?


Rank Population centre Population (2021)
1 Toronto 5,647,656
2 Ottawa – Gatineau 1,068,821
3 Hamilton 729,560
4 Kitchener 522,888

What percentage of Ontario is white?

According to the results of the census that was conducted in 2011, the racial and ethnic composition of Ontario consisted of 71.7 percent white people, 25.9 percent visible minority groups, and 2.4 percent Aboriginal people (1.6 percent First Nations, 0.7 percent Metis, 0.1 percent other Aboriginal).

Is Quebec or Ontario bigger?

  • The province of Quebec takes up 15.4 percent of the entire land area of the country, making it the most extensive province in the country.
  • It has a total area of 595,442.88 square miles, with the land area accounting for 523,603.95 square miles and the water area accounting for 71,787.2 square miles.
  • The province of Ontario is the second biggest in terms of land size, accounting for 10.8 percent of the total land area of the country.
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Is Ontario more populated than Quebec?

It was reported that the population in Ontario was 1,620,851, the population in Quebec was 1,191,516, the population in Nova Scotia was 387,800, and the population in New Brunswick was 285,594. Each of these provinces saw their respective populations continue to increase year after year without interruption.

Where does 90% of Canada’s population live?

  • The several provinces and territories that make up Canada The United States of America is the largest country in the world, but Canada is larger, thus it is the second largest country in the world.
  • Nevertheless, in spite of the large terrain occupied by a relatively tiny population, more than ninety percent of Canadians are concentrated within 240 kilometers of the border with the United States.

Is Toronto or Ontario bigger?

The city of Toronto in Ontario is home to the country’s most populous metropolitan region. In 2020.

What percentage of Ontario is black?

In Ontario, there are 539,205 people of African Canadian descent, which is equivalent to 4% of the total population of the province.

Why is Ontario so populated?

Urbanization as a result of industry has also contributed to the rise in population in Ontario. This is due to the fact that urbanization results in the creation of more work possibilities, as well as improved living conditions and educational chances. The huge amount of fertile land in the region is another factor that contributes to the region’s very high population density.

What is the whitest province in Canada?

  1. The highest possible percentage In Saguenay, Quebec, there is not a visible minority: 99.1 percent of the population
  2. White Caucasians: Trois-Rivières, Quebec: 97.5 percent
  3. Visible minorities: Toronto, Ontario: 42.9 percent
  4. Chinese: 18.2 percent of the population of Vancouver, British Columbia
  5. Abbotsford, British Columbia, has a population of 16.3 percent South Asians
  6. Aboriginals: Winnipeg, Manitoba: 10.0 percent
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What’s the richest province in Canada?

The Canadian provinces and territories that have the most wealth

Rank Province or Territory GDP (Millions of CAD)
1 Ontario 763,276
2 Quebec 380,972
3 Alberta 326,433
4 British Columbia 249,981

How many 90 year olds are there in Canada?


Geography Canada (map)
Sex Both sexes
90 to 94 years 229,678 243,103
95 to 99 years 63,937 71,993
100 years and over 9,002 10,581

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