What Sat Score Is Required For University Of Southern California?

An Analysis of USC’s SAT Scores (New 1600 SAT) If you want to have a shot at getting into USC, you should aim to get at least a 1350 on the SAT even though the school does not have a strict minimum score requirement.

Does University of Southern California require the SAT?

The Test Optional Policy of USC for the Years 2022 and 2023 Students who apply to USC in the autumn of 2022 or 2023 will be asked to indicate whether or not they want to submit scores; if they do, we will wait to receive them after we have reviewed their applications.If applicants opt not to submit their SAT or ACT results, they will not be punished in any way, nor will they be put at a disadvantage.

Can I get into USC with a 3.7 GPA?

Is your grade point average from high school high enough to get you into USC?On a scale from 0.0 to 4.0, the average high school grade point average for students admitted to USC is a 3.79.(This is where you can figure out your grade point average from high school.) This grade point average is extremely challenging, and it is evident that USC is only taking kids who graduated at the top of their high school class.

Is 1450 a good SAT score for USC?

A score of 1450 on the SAT makes you qualified for admission to even the most difficult schools and institutions, including those in the Ivy League. You may add the University of Southern California, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Georgetown University on the list of universities that you are interested in attending from the extensive list of excellent colleges.

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Is USC requiring SAT 2022?

We have decided to make the optional testing policy at USC available for an additional two years. It is now possible for first-year students to apply for admission and scholarships at the University of Southern California (USC) for the academic years 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 without submitting their SAT or ACT scores; although, they are free to do so if they so want.

Is USC or UCLA harder to get into?

Both universities have relatively low admission rates; UCLA’s is 10.8 percent (and rising lower every year), while USC’s is 12.4 percent. In terms of selectivity, the two universities are roughly on par with one another.

What is the lowest GPA accepted at USC?

The grade point average at the University of Southern California USC seeks students who are in the top 10 percent of their class despite the fact that there is no minimum grade point average criterion for admission to the institution. Students should aim to obtain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.79, and preferably higher, in order to conform to that criteria.

Is USC hard to get accepted?

How Competitive Is the Admissions Process at USC?The admissions process at USC is competitive.The institution received a record-breaking number of 70,971 applications for the class of 2025, but it only selected 8,804 students for admission, representing an acceptance percentage of under 12 percent.Your individual prospects of admission to USC rely on the strength of your profile; this is despite the fact that USC has a very low acceptance rate.

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What majors is USC known for?

The following disciplines are among the most sought after at the University of Southern California: social sciences; visual and performing arts; communication, journalism, and related programs; engineering; multi/interdisciplinary studies; computer and information sciences and support services.

Is 1520 a good SAT score?

Absolutely, a score of 1520 is fantastic! When compared to the 1.7 million people who took the SAT admission exam, this places you in the 99th percentile, which is the highest possible score. Your score shows that you performed extremely well in responding to the questions in the Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing parts of the examination.

What GPA do I need for USC?

You need also have a grade point average of at least 3.79. If your GPA is lower than this, you will need to make up for it by achieving a better score on the SAT or ACT. To get into a school as competitive as USC, you will also need to demonstrate that you are exceptional in other aspects of your application.

What is USC looking for in a student?

We are going to look at your academic achievement, the difficulty of the course you’re taking, your writing abilities, and your test results. Personal traits are also taken into account, such as those shown via achievements, leadership roles, and engagement in the community.

What colleges require 2023 SAT?

2023-2024 Admissions Cycle

College SAT/ACT Required for freshman entering Fall 2023? Notes
University of California, Davis No The UCs are Test Blind through 2024
William & Mary No 2023 is the third year in a 3 year test optional pilot program
Tulane University No
Boston University No
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Is USC Ivy League?

USC is not a member of the Ivy League despite the fact that it has a very excellent profile. Although the name ″Ivy League″ is commonly used interchangeably with ″selectivity,″ ″illustrious histories,″ and ″intellectual prestige,″ the true definition is more specific and requires a more technical approach.

What is USC acceptance rate?

USC is a school that is looking for students who are among the very top of their high school class and have posted SAT/ACT scores that are at least in the 90th percentile. With acceptance rates ranging from 11 to 16 percent in recent years, USC is a school that is looking for students who sit among the very top of their high school class.

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