Where Is San Mateo California?

  • San Mateo (Spanish for ″Saint Matthew″) is a city located in San Mateo County, California, on the San Francisco Peninsula.
  • Its name comes from the Spanish word for ″Saint Matthew.″ Burlingame is to the north of the city, Hillsborough is to the west, San Francisco Bay and Foster City are to the east, and Belmont is to the south of the city.
  • The city is located around 20 miles (32 km) south of San Francisco.

What is the meaning of San Mateo?

Promoted Discussions. San Mateo is a city located in San Mateo County, California, United States, and is considered to be a part of the San Francisco Bay Area. The name San Mateo comes from the Spanish word for ″Saint Matthew.″

Is San Francisco in San Mateo County?

  • The airport serving San Francisco, San Francisco International, is situated near the farthest northern tip of the county.
  • The majority of the county’s urbanized regions are suburban, and inside them are located a number of corporate campuses.
  • In 1856, San Francisco County was divided, which resulted in the formation of San Mateo County.

San Francisco County was one of the 18 original counties that were founded when California became a state in 1850.

How many people live in San Mateo County?

Find driving directions to San Mateo County, investigate local companies and points of interest, obtain up-to-date information on traffic and road conditions, and more. The population of San Mateo County is projected to be 758,308 individuals in accordance with the results of the next US Census in 2020.

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Which city is close to San Mateo?

California, South San Francisco . Half Moon Bay, CA Pacifica, California; Menlo Park, California

Is San Mateo near LA?

There is a distance of 335 miles that between San Mateo and Los Angeles. The distance through road is 378.2 kilometers.

Is San Mateo a good place to live?

A pleasant, secure, and welcoming community for families, San Mateo is a great place to call home. The cost of housing may be high, but the city itself is stunning and well kept. Because of its proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the neighborhood is home to a multitude of educational institutions and employment prospects. The region is quite progressive and varied.

How expensive is San Mateo?

The cost of living in San Mateo is $270.6 per month.

COST OF LIVING San Mateo California
Housing 610.2 239.1
Median Home Cost $1,568,100 $684,800
Utilities 91.9 102.4
Transportation 143.4 133.1

Who lives in San Mateo?

  • The city of San Mateo is home to people of many different races due to its demographic makeup, which is comprised of 43.3 percent White residents, 22.1 percent Asian residents, 14.6 percent Hispanic residents, and 13.7 percent residents of other races.
  • The typical home in San Mateo brings in $103,399 annually, which is why so many people are migrating there.
  • Because the typical age of San Mateo is 38.7, the city is home to a large number of young families and couples just starting out in their lives.

What cities are included in San Mateo County?

  1. Atherton, located in San Mateo County
  2. Belmont
  3. Brisbane
  4. Burlingame
  5. Colma
  6. City of Daly
  7. East Palo Alto
  8. The City of Foster
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Is College of San Mateo free?

Get Your College Degree for Free! The program will offer you with financial assistance for your tuition over a number of years, customized counseling support, vouchers for the purchase of textbooks, as well as incentives for food and transportation so that you may finish your degree or certificate at College of San Mateo.

Is San Mateo near San Diego?

When traveling by car, the distance from San Mateo, California to San Diego, California is 489 miles (787 kilometers) in its entirety. Your journey starts in San Mateo, which is located in California.

Is San Mateo in the South Bay?

The Peninsula is comprised of the counties of San Mateo and the northern portion of Santa Clara, while the East Bay of the Bay Area is made up of the counties of Contra Costa and Alameda. Because their cultures and economies are oriented toward the bay, the southern areas of Sonoma County and Napa County are considered to be a part of the Bay Area for the purposes of this guide.

Is San Mateo in Silicon Valley?

The city of San Mateo is located in San Mateo County, California, inside the high-tech community of Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. San Mateo is the county seat.

Is it expensive to live in San Mateo?

The cost of living in San Mateo, California is 86 percent more than the average for all of the United States. The cost of living in any given location might change based on a variety of factors, including your job, the typical wage for that career, and the local real estate market.

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How much do you need to make to live in San Mateo?

According to research conducted by 24/7 Wall St., residents in San Mateo County require a monthly income of $6,391 in order to keep up with even the most basic of California living standards, making the county the most costly area in the state to call home.

What is the minimum wage in San Mateo?

According to the pay schedule that was established by the City Council, the minimum wage for all employees in the City of San Mateo will increase to $16.20 per hour beginning on January 1, 2022. Ordinance Establishing a Minimum Wage for the City of San Mateo

Effective Date Citywide Minimum Wage
January 1, 2021 $15.62

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