Which California Hotel Was Featured In The 1959 Film Some Like It Hot?

The Hotel del Coronado was the setting for the filming of ″Some Like It Hot.″ Some Like It Hot, a timeless comedy directed by Billy Wilder and starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon, was filmed at the Hotel del Coronado in 1958, marking the year when the hotel entered the annals of Hollywood lore.

What Hotel was in Some Like It Hot Movie?

The movie ″Some Like It Hot,″ which was shot in 1958 at the Hotel del Coronado, was a showcase not only for the acting abilities of Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon, but also for the hotel’s assets, which included a magnificent sun-drenched silhouette of Victorian architecture that served as the ideal backdrop for the film’s 1929 setting.

What Hotel was used as the Seminole Ritz in Some Like It Hot?

You can see the Hotel Del Coronado playing the part of the Seminole Ritz in Florida from the side of the bus as Sweet Sue and Her Society Syncopators disembark with a lot of luggage. This scene takes place in Florida.

Did Marilyn Monroe stay at Hotel del Coronado?

During her whole stay in Coronado, police officers kept a close eye on her.Fans of Coronado watched Monroe with a tremendous deal of excitement, yelling and shouting for her throughout the performance.Monroe would interact with the villagers on occasion, gently admonishing them to remain quiet.A cook at the hotel reportedly said that the cool soufflé vanilla pudding with egg-white decorating was Marilyn’s dessert of choice.

Where is the Seminole Ritz Hotel?

Special Rate Save Money When You Book Direct! Because of my deep affection for Marilyn Monroe and the fact that I was aware that the scene in Florida, which took place at the made-up ″Seminole Ritz,″ was shot at the Hotel Del Coronado, I felt compelled to see it.

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Why is Hotel Coronado famous?

When it was opened in 1888, it was the resort hotel that held the record for being the largest in the world. Over the course of its history, it has welcomed a number of notable figures, including presidents, kings, and celebrities. The hotel has appeared in a great number of novels and films throughout the years.

What movies have been filmed at the Hotel Coronado?

  1. Location Matching ‘Hotel del Coronado – 1500 Orange Avenue, Coronado, California, USA’ in Filming Location (Sorted by Popularity Ascending) The movie ″Some Like It Hot″ from 1959
  2. My Blue Heaven (I), published in 1990
  3. K-9 (1989)
  4. The 1980 film The Stunt Man
  5. $ (1971)
  6. (1972–1973)
  7. ″Circle of Fear″ (1972–1974)
  8. Dive Bomber (1941)
  9. 1980 television film adaptation of the novel The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything

Where do they go in Some Like It Hot?

Joe and Jerry are penniless, afraid, and eager to get out of town, so they assume the identities of two women and call themselves Josephine and Daphne in order to join Sweet Sue and her Society Syncopators, an all-female band that is traveling (by train) to Miami. Sugar Kane, the band’s vocalist and ukulele player, becomes friends with Joe and Jerry while they are on the train.

Where were the beach scenes filmed in Some Like It Hot?

The exteriors of Billy Wilder’s masterpiece were shot in just seven days at Coronado Beach in San Diego, which stood in for ‘Florida’ in the 1920s. The film frequently appears towards the top of lists ranking the best comedies of all time and is credited with having the funniest final line ever spoken.

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Was Somewhere in Time Filmed at Hotel del Coronado?

The film is famous for the original score that was written for it. Additionally, the 18th variation of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s ″Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini″ is included many times throughout the piece. The Hotel del Coronado, which is included in the book that served as the inspiration for the movie, was at first considered for use in the movie.

What is the oldest Hotel in California?

It is stated that the National Hotel is the oldest hotel in California that has been in continuous operation the whole time. It is the location of discussions that resulted in the establishment of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. It is situated in Nevada City and was constructed in phases between the years 1854 and 1857. (PG&E).

Can you walk to Coronado Island?

Walking. The length and width of Coronado Island are each approximately one mile, and the island continues for another eight miles along the Silver Strand/Highway 75 to the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in the Coronado Cays.

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