How Many Days Does It Rain In Southern California?

You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that nine out of ten days in sunny Southern California are devoid of precipitation. Rainfall that can be measured occurs in Downtown Los Angeles on an average of only 36 days per year.

How many days does it rain in Socal?

Climate Averages

Los Angeles, California United States
Precipitation 33.7 days 106.2 days
Sunny 284 days 205 days
Avg. July High 83.6° 85.8°
Avg. Jan. Low 45.9° 21.7°

What months does it rain in Southern California?

  • The wet season of the year begins on October 16 and continues until April 25, with an average rainfall of at least 0.5 inches throughout the course of each of the 31 rainy days.
  • February is the wettest month in Los Angeles, with an average rainfall of 3.3 inches throughout the course of the month.
  • The dry spell of the year lasts for 5.7 months, beginning on April 25 and ending on October 16 of each year.

What is the average rainfall in Southern California?

*See monthly totals as the season progresses to get a month-by-month breakdown of the overall average of 14.67 inches for the seasons 1877 through 2020.

What is California’s rainiest month?

The wet season in California has officially come to an end as of today. The months of December, January, and February are often the wettest months in the Golden State. Between the months of November and March, 75 percent of the state’s yearly precipitation falls.

What is the rainiest city in America?

  • The rainiest city in the United States is Mobile, which is located in Alabama.
  • The city of Mobile experiences around 59 rainy days per year on average and has an annual rainfall average of 67 inches.
  • Because of Mobile’s location on the Gulf of Mexico, the city’s winters are often warm and wet, and during hurricane season, the region is vulnerable to the effects of tropical storms and hurricanes.
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What is the rainiest state?

  • It rains an average of 63.7 inches (1,618 millimeters) every year over the whole state of Hawaii, making it the wettest state in the United States overall.
  • However, there are very few locations in Hawaii that match the average for the state.
  • There are many meteorological stations on the islands, and some of them report annual rainfall totals of less than 20 inches (508 mm), while others receive well over 100 inches (2540 mm).

What is the rainiest city in California?

It is said that Gasquet, which is found in the Smith River National Recreation Area, receives an average of 95 inches of precipitation per year, making it the wettest location in all of California (2,400 mm).

Does Los Angeles ever rain?

  • The pattern of rainfall in Los Angeles is quite similar to that of the Mediterranean climate, but the autumn is drier because the majority of the rain falls from December to March and it almost never rains in the summer.
  • The annual rainfall total in Los Angeles is approximately 360 millimeters (14.2 inches) and it follows a pattern that amounts to about that amount.
  • February is the wettest month of the year.

Will 2021 be a wet year in California?

The water year 2021 was the driest on record for the state of California, and since the year 2000, more than fifty percent of the state’s water years have been classified as dry or drought years.

How much rain has LA had in 2021?

11.72 inches is the typical annual rainfall throughout the period from 1944 to 2020.

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Season (July 1-June 30) Total Inches of Rainfall Inches Above/Below (+/-) Overall Season Average*
2021-2022 See month-by-month numbers as season unfolds.
2020-2021 5.00 -6.72
2019-2020 13.19 +1.47
2018-2019 16.94 +5.22

Is California in a drought 2021?

The year 2021 in review At this time, an emergency drought declaration has been issued for each and every one of California’s 58 counties. Between the months of November and April, California receives the majority of its precipitation. It does this by replenishing the water in the reservoirs and aquifers that are used to provide water to our homes, businesses, and farms.

What’s the hottest month in California?

Temperature that is Typical for California July is the warmest month of the year in California, with an average high temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit and a low temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold season begins on December 3 and continues until March 7, during which time the average daily maximum temperature is lower than 52 degrees Fahrenheit.

What’s the coldest it gets in California?

On January 20, 1937, a measurement of -45 degrees Fahrenheit was registered at Boca, which is located in Nevada County at an elevation of 5,532 feet. This was the coldest temperature ever recorded in the state of California.

What is the driest month in California?

The least amount of precipitation falls during July, making it the driest month on average.

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