How Much Do 911 Operators Make In California?

According to the BLS, Western states often have 911 operators with the highest salaries. The state of California came in first, with an average pay of $65,530, while the state of Alaska came in second, with a salary of $59,640. After these states came Washington with a median household income of $57,440, Minnesota with $56,490, and Oregon with $56,220.

How much do 911 operators make?

How much do operators for the 911 system get paid? Indeed reports that the annual salary for 911 operators is an average of $40,620. The amount of money you make in this profession might vary depending on a number of things, such as your degree of expertise and the region you work in specifically.

Why do 911 dispatchers get paid so much?

In general, the pay of 911 dispatchers are proportional to the size of the emergency communications office and the coverage area that it serves. Larger metropolitan areas are able to employ more dispatchers at higher rates due to the larger funds that they have at their disposal.

What does an 911 operator do?

The job of a 911 operator, who is also known as an emergency dispatcher or a police dispatcher, is to handle incoming calls from people reporting emergency situations such as crimes, fires, or medical emergencies. They decide what the nature of the problem is and where it is located.

How many 911 calls are placed each year?

A total of over 240 million calls are made to PSAPs on an annual basis, with mobile phones accounting for approximately 80 percent of these calls. It is anticipated that the rate of employment expansion for emergency dispatchers will stay high during the next few years. There were 98,300 positions available for 911 dispatchers in the United States as of 2019.

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