Riverside Teacher Who Mocked?

A teacher in Riverside has been let go after she impersonated Native Americans during a math lecture. On October 21, Denise Maupin and other community residents demonstrated in front of John W. North High School in Riverside in response to a video that went viral showing a math teacher imitating Native Americans while wearing a fake headdress.

What happened to the teacher at John W. North High School?

The following day, October 21, a high school math teacher at John W. North High School in Riverside, California, was placed on leave after a video showing her imitating offensive stereotypes of Native Americans went viral. The video was reportedly recorded by a Native American student while the teacher was in the classroom.

Is Candice Reed still teaching?

Candice Reed, who worked for Riverside Unified, was let go six months after a viral TikTok video was posted. We all have fond memories of Candice Reed, the math teacher at Riverside Unified School District who carried a tomahawk with her. A few of weeks ago, on February 3rd, she was ultimately terminated from her profession as a teacher after years of poor performance.

Who is Candace Reed?

Who precisely is this Candice Reed?Candice Reed is well-known in her community of Riverside, California, where she works as a teacher for the Riverside Unified School District.Reed is a match teacher at the school, and when a video went viral showing her performing the Tomahawk Chop in the classroom as she was instructing a lesson, she was placed on administrative leave shortly thereafter.

Has Candice Reed made a statement?

According to a statement released by the Riverside Unified School District, a teacher at John W. North High School in California named Candice Reed was placed on administrative leave for the ‘totally inappropriate and insulting representation’ of Native Americans in a class project she was working on.

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What happened to Candice Reed?

Candice Reed, a teacher at John W.North High School, was terminated by the Riverside Unified School District on February 3, following a decision by the Board of Education that was 4-1.In October, when it was brought to the attention of the school system by a student who had filmed and shared a video showing Reed making fun of Indigenous culture as part of a lesson, Reed was placed on administrative leave.

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