What Animals Are Illegal In California?

  • According to Title 671 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), it is against the law to keep any of the following animals as pets in the state of California without a valid permit: Raccoons, skunks, alligators, lemurs, zebras, some poisonous reptiles, prairie dogs, wolf hybrids (wolf-dogs), and large cats like bobcats, servals, and cheetahs are all examples of animals that fall into this category.

What pets are not illegal in California?

  1. Did you know that you may legally own these creatures in the state of California? Pigs with Pot Bellies
  2. Small Pygmy Goats
  3. Equines de petite taille
  4. Tarantulas
  5. Ball Python (individuals of this species do not produce venom)
  6. Chinchillas
  7. Lynx
  8. Lizards (non-venomous)

What cats are illegal in California?

Due to the fact that they belong to an endangered species, possessing one is against the law in the state of California. Big Cats It is against the law in the state of California to own a big cat. This includes cheetahs, cougars, jaguars, leopards, lions, and tigers. Big Cats are enormous, strong creatures that are capable of inflicting severe injuries or even death on people.

Is it illegal to own a pet in California?

There are a large variety of animals that can be kept as pets in the state of California, even if it is illegal to own some species such as monkeys and ferrets. The most apparent options are dogs and cats, but other animals such as zebras, several species of reptiles and snakes, and even toucans are permitted to be kept as pets in the state of California.

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Why are exotic pets illegal in California?

In order to safeguard human health and safety, agriculture, wildlife, and natural resources, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has mandated that non-native animals cannot be kept as pets in the state. This restriction was put in place in 2011.

Are hamsters illegal in California?

Although they are common pets, hamsters are not permitted in several countries and regions of the world. This includes the state of California, which has some of the most stringent rules regarding pets in the world. In order to save the state’s native flora and fauna, the state of California has outlawed the ownership of some kinds of hamsters, including the Chinese hamster.

Can I own a fox in California?

Foxes have been raised to live as house pets because of their intelligence and resemblance to dogs; yet, they are not completely tamed. There are up to 15 states where keeping a fox as a pet is permitted, but California is not one of them. Different breeds have different sets of guidelines, with the fennec fox being the most frequent.

Are guinea pigs legal in California?

There are also several breeds of mice, golden hamsters, dwarf hamsters, and guinea pigs that are allowed to be kept as pets. Gerbils, on the other hand, are not permitted to be kept as pets in the state of California.

Are goats legal pets in California?

There are 53 cities that allow goats while there are 11 that do not. There are 42 zoning rules pertaining to goats and 35 municipal codes that control them. There are 59 cities that allow the keeping of heavy cattle, while the other 14 do not.

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Is it legal to own a duck in California?

  • Is it legal to have a duck as a pet in the state of California?
  • Ducks can be kept as pets in the state of California, but you should check to see if there are any local ordinances against this.
  • Ducks require specialized care and feeding, even if ownership is permitted.
  • It’s important to remember that ducks are gregarious creatures that thrive in the great outdoors when you keep them as pets.

Are wolf dogs legal in California?

Wolfdogs with a pedigree of F3 or less (including F4, F5, and so on) can be owned legally in the state of California. This indicates that the offspring will have a great grandparent who is the ‘wolf,’ which is most likely a high-content wolfdog but is indistinguishable from other wolfdogs in appearance and behavior.

Is ferrets illegal in California?

  • It is against the law in the state of California to keep a ferret as a pet.
  • Ferrets are allowed to be kept as pets in every state in the United States with the exception of Hawaii and California.
  • In 1933, the state of California passed a legislation that made keeping ferrets as pets illegal.
  • Many individuals believe ferrets do not pose a harm to the ecosystems of the areas in which they live, and as a result, they disagree with this regulation.

Can I own a hedgehog in California?

At least 17 different species of hedgehogs are now recognized. All species are prohibited from ownership as pets in the state of California, largely due to the risk that they pose of becoming invasive species if they are released into areas of the wild where they do not normally reside.

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Can you own a sloth in California?

It is against the law in the state of California to own a sloth. The Golden State is well recognized for having stringent laws for game and wildlife, in contrast to places such as Nevada and Texas, which have relatively lax standards regarding the ownership of exotic pets.

Can I own a zebra in California?

Is it possible for anyone to possess a zebra? Not in the state of California. In the Golden State, unless you have two years of experience working with exotic animals, you are not allowed to possess zebras, rhinoceroses, tapirs, or any other odd-toed ungulates. The only exception to this rule is regular horses (including one year with animals in the same family as the one you plan to own).

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