What Is The Unemployment Rate In Ontario?


Last Value 5.40%
Last Updated May 6 2022, 08:44 EDT
Next Release Jun 10 2022, 08:30 EDT
Long Term Average 7.44%
Average Growth Rate 3.50%

What is the current Canadian unemployment rate?

The unemployment rate dropped by 0.2 percentage points, reaching 5.3 percent. This is the lowest figure that has ever been recorded since data that is comparable to it became available in 1976. Women aged 55 and older, as well as males aged 25 to 54, were the primary drivers of employment increases. The production of both products and services contributed to a growth in employment levels.

What city in Ontario has the highest unemployment rate?

For the month of March, the rate of unemployment in Windsor was 8.3 percent, making it the highest percentage of all large cities in Canada.

What is the unemployment rate in Ontario 2022?

The unemployment rate fell to 5.3 percent in month. The rates of unemployment in Ontario and Canada are presented in Chart 3, which covers the period from January 2005 to March 2022. Table 14-10-0287-01 of the Labour Force Survey that may be found at Statistics Canada (seasonally adjusted data).

Which province in Canada has the highest unemployment?

In the year 2020, the territory of Nunavut in Canada has the highest unemployment rate of any other region in Canada. During that particular year, the unemployment rate in Nunavut was 14%. Rate of unemployment in each province of Canada in the year 2020.

Province Unemployment rate
Newfoundland and Labrador 13.7%
Alberta 11.3%
Prince Edward Island 10.4%
New Brunswick 9.8%
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What is the unemployment rate in Ontario 2021?

The yearly percentage of unemployment in Ontario was 8.0 percent in 2021, which was down from 9.6 percent in 2020 but still significantly higher than the rate that existed before to the pandemic, which was 5.6 percent in 2019.The unemployment rate in Canada was 7.5 percent in 2021, which was down from 9.5 percent in 2020 but still significantly higher than the rate that existed before to the pandemic, which was 5.7 percent in 2019.

What is the unemployment rate in Toronto?

As of the month of April 2022, the unemployment rate in Toronto was 6.3 percent, representing a decrease of 0.9 percent from the figure recorded the previous month. The unemployment rate is currently 8.3 percent lower than it was at its highest point in July 2020 and is lower than the average over the long term.

Which city has the most job opportunities in Canada?

Here are the 10 finest cities in Canada to look for work right now!

  1. The city of Brantford in Ontario. Unemployment rate: 3.6 percent
  2. Ottawa, Ontario. Unemployment rate: 4.4 percent
  3. Location in British Columbia: Kelowna Unemployment rate: 4.1 percent
  4. The Canadian city of Quebec
  5. Calgary, Alberta.
  6. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
  7. Abbotsford, in the province of British Columbia
  8. Halifax, Nova Scotia

What city has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada?

  1. The cities in Canada that will have the lowest rates of unemployment in 2021 include Quebec City, Quebec
  2. The Canadian city of Sherbrooke
  3. Victoria, in the province of British Columbia
  4. Saguenay, Quebec
  5. Ontario and Quebec, as well as Ottawa-Gatineau
  6. Kelowna, in the province of British Columbia
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Which province in Canada has more job opportunities?

In terms of employment creation, Saskatchewan is the most successful province in all of Canada. In December, Saskatchewan had the fastest pace of job growth of any province or territory in Canada. According to the most recent statistics, employment growth is on the rise all over the country, with Saskatchewan performing particularly well when compared to other provinces in Canada.

Why is Canada’s unemployment rate so high?

The unemployment rate in Canada has historically been greater than that of Europe or the United States for a variety of reasons, including the following: Our economy is dominated by a greater number of seasonal businesses.We have experienced a bigger proportion of our people in places that are smaller and more remote, which has made it more difficult to match up potential employees with available employment.

Which country has the highest unemployment rate 2021?

  1. Depending on the source, experts predict that the worldwide unemployment rate will be somewhere between 6.3 and 6.5 percent in the year 2021. According to data from the World Bank in 2020, the following countries had the highest rates of unemployment: Equatorial Guinea – 25.0 percent
  2. Botswana – 24.9 percent
  3. Grenada – 22.9 percent
  4. Eswatini – 22.7 percent
  5. Lesotho, with a percentage of 22.4%
  6. Gabon – 20.4 percent

What is China’s unemployment rate?

The unemployment rate in China reached a new high of 6.1 percent in April, marking the greatest level recorded since the early stages of the Covid-19 epidemic in February 2020, when it reached a height of 6.2 percent.

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What is the best Canadian province to live in?

1. The province of British Columbia has an above-average living standard. The province of British Columbia is located in western Canada and is the only one that borders the Pacific Ocean. Locals refer to it as ″BC.″ If you are looking for a good quality of life and are willing to pay more for it, this province is one of the greatest places to live in all of Canada.

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