Where Is Antioch California?

  • Antioch, also known as East Antioch, Smith’s Landing, and Marshs Landing, is the second most populous city in Contra Costa County, which is located in the state of California, United States.
  • Placed in the area of the San Francisco Bay Area known as the East Bay and running parallel to the San Joaquin and Sacramento River Deltas.
  • The population of the city was 102,372 at the time of the census in 2010, and it is projected to reach 111,502 in 2019.

What is Antioch on the Orontes?

Antioch on the Orontes (/ nti.k /; Ancient Greek: o, Antiókheia h ep Oróntou; also known as Syrian Antioch) was a Hellenistic city that was located on the eastern bank of the Orontes River. Antakya, Turkey, the modern city that has the name of the ancient city, is located close to where its remains may be found.

Is Antioch Southern or Northern California?

  • Northern California’s Antioch may be found on the San Joaquin River’s bluffs, not far from its mouth.
  • In Contra Costa County, right off of Highway 4.
  • Antioch, which has a population of more than 100,000 people, has become the hub of Eastern Contra Costa County because it provides a diverse array of career opportunities, extensive retail opportunities, and enormous recreational opportunities.

Is Antioch CA A good place to live?

Antioch, located in California, is a fantastic town that has a temperature that is nice throughout the whole year, stunning scenery, and a wide variety of artistic and cultural offerings. It must be amazing to live in the city with all of these excellent amenities to choose from. If you happen to be living in the ideal location, then yes, it absolutely is.

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What is Antioch California known for?

Antioch is often referred to as the entry point to the California Delta. The California Delta is the stretch of land where the San Joaquin River and the Sacramento River converge before emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

Is Antioch Central Valley?

Antioch is attracting an increasing number of people with advanced degrees and technical training each year. It serves as a connecting point between the San Francisco and East Bay regions, as well as Sacramento and the Central Valley.

What is the most miserable city in the Bay Area?

The recent assessment that identifies Antioch as the community with the lowest quality of life in the Bay Area did not come as a surprise to Buongiorno. Antioch came in at number 213 on the national list of the most unhappy places compiled by Business Insider. The ranking was based on commute times, poverty rates, and the workforce.

What is the crime rate in Antioch CA?

Antioch Annual Crimes

Violent Total
Number of Crimes 595 3,396
Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) 5.16 29.46

What climate zone is Antioch CA?

The USDA designates the area around Antioch, California as having a Hardiness Zone of 9b.

Is Antioch CA rural?

111 502 people are living there as of this year (100 percent urban, 0 percent rural). Zip codes: 94509, 94513, 94531, 94561, 94565.

Is Antioch CA improving?

Antioch continues to be one of the Bay Area communities with the lowest median home prices, despite the fact that prices have been creeping higher. According to Zillow, there were 2,831 house sales in 2019, and the median selling price in December 2019 was $455,100, which is an increase from the median sale price of $419,700 in December 2017.

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Is Antioch a good investment?

  • Antioch is still one of the most well-known medium-sized communities in the East Bay, and if you are interested in purchasing a second home or any type of investment property, you should definitely give it some consideration.
  • The cost of renting a home continues to be prohibitive for a lot of people who would otherwise be qualified to buy one, so they are on the lookout for decent rental options instead.

Where is Antioch located on the map?

Antioch on the Orontes (/ n t i. k /; Ancient Greek: o, Antiókheia h ep Oróntou; also known as Syrian Antioch) was an ancient Greek city that was located on the eastern bank of the Orontes River. Antakya, Turkey, the modern city that has the name of the ancient city, is located close to where its remains may be found.

How far is Antioch CA from Oakland CA?

  • The distance from Oakland to Antioch when traveling northeast is 28.89 miles, and when traveling by automobile via the CA 4 road, the distance is 36 miles (57.94 kilometers).
  • When traveling by car without stopping, the distance between Oakland and Antioch is around 37 minutes.
  • This is the quickest path that may be taken to get from Oakland, California to Antioch, California.
  • Pleasant Hill, California serves as the midway point.

Where is Antioch CA located?

These are the coordinates for latitude and longitude: 38.005001 and -121.805832. Antioch is a very tiny city that can be found in the middle of the state of California, on the west coast of the United States of America. It is located in between the cities of Concord and Stockton. The city is located close to the East Bay, and it has a population of around 110,000 residents.

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What county is Antioch California?

  • Antioch is the county seat of Contra Costa County in California, and the second-largest city in the county.
  • Located along the San Joaquin and Sacramento River Delta in the East Bay section of the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • At the time of the census in 2020, the population of the city was 115,291.
  • Since the 1970s, there has been a significant increase in the city’s level of diversity, when it was formerly an all-white sundown town.

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