Who Owns Riverside Community Hospital?

The Healthcare Corporation of America includes Riverside Community Hospital among its affiliated facilities (HCA). In March of 2013, construction on the expansion project costing 460 million dollars got underway.

Is Riverside Community Hospital owned by HCA?

Our goal is to deliver the highest standard of medical treatment available in this part of the country. We are very pleased to be a member of HCA Healthcare, which is a cooperative network consisting of medical facilities such as hospitals, urgent care centers, physician offices, and other care sites. HCA Healthcare has locations in twenty different states as well as the United Kingdom.

Who is the CEO of Riverside Community Hospital?

LinkedIn profile for Michael Rembis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Riverside Community Hospital (HCA).

Who purchased Riverside Medical Clinic?

The first of November, 2021, at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania — Universal Health Services, Inc., which trades under the ticker symbol ″UHS″ on the New York Stock Exchange, is ecstatic to share the news that it has entered into a legally binding agreement for a strategic alignment with Riverside Medical Clinic (RMC), which is based in Riverside County, California.

Who is the CFO of Riverside Community Hospital?

Chief Financial Officer at Riverside Community Hospital (HCA) | Jon Alford’s Professional Profile on LinkedIn

Is Riverside hospital Public or private?

The Riverside University Health System – Medical Center, also known as the Riverside County Regional Medical Center (RCRMC) and the Riverside General Hospital University Medical Center (RGH UMC), is a public teaching hospital that can be found at 26520 Cactus Avenue in Moreno Valley, California, in the United States of America.It was formerly known as the Riverside General Hospital University Medical Center (RGH UMC).

What type of hospital is Riverside Community Hospital?

At the present time, Riverside Community Hospital is a hospital that has a total of 478 beds and is home to the 62-bed Emergency Room and Level I Trauma Center that is the largest of its kind in the Inland Empire. RCH is one of the only STEMI (heart attack) receiving centers in Riverside County, and it is also a Chest Pain Center that has received full accreditation.

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Who owns Universal Health Services?

UHS was established in 1979 by Alan B. Miller with a total of six workers. Since Miller took over as CEO, the firm has seen meteoric expansion, and it is now a prestigious Fortune 300 organization that operates over a vast international network and expects to bring in annual revenues of $11.4 billion in 2019.

When did HCA buy Riverside Hospital?

Not-for-profit system Riverside Community Hospital had a total of 276 beds, and Community Health Corp. controlled 25% of the hospital. In 1997, HCA paid $72.5 million to acquire 75 percent of the company.

Who owns Parkview Community Hospital?

In 2019, Parkview Community Hospital was purchased by Doctors Hospital of Riverside LLC (DHOR), a corporation that is connected to AHMC Healthcare Inc. that operates for profit. The Parkview Legacy Foundation has been founded, and both DHOR and AHMC have pledged to give the foundation a total of ten million dollars throughout the course of their respective careers.

What level of trauma is Riverside Community Hospital?

The Riverside Community Hospital and its history The Emergency Department and Level 1 Trauma Center at Riverside Community Hospital are among the busiest and most well-equipped in all of southern California. Additionally, the hospital is a fully accredited Chest Pain Center in addition to being the largest STEMI (heart attack) receiving center in the country.

How many beds does Riverside Community Hospital have?

Identification as well as Particular Features

Name and Address: Riverside Community Hospital 4445 Magnolia Avenue Riverside, CA 92501
Total Staffed Beds: 478
Total Patient Revenue: $6,029,221,360
Total Discharges: 22,856
Total Patient Days: 126,031

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